brand strategy, Creative planning, App design, Print design

Coca-Cola had a problem with declining sales in the summer months. Headmint Global Strategy led the charge and put together a crew of top talent to fly to Greece to lead the Coca-Cola global creative and marketing teams through workshops designed to help come up with consumer facing ideas that encourage the connection between summer and Coca-Cola. I was tasked with helping to facilitate all workshops by designing in real-time the ideas the Coca-Cola teams came up with. It was also my responsibility to capture the ideas the Headmint team had and visually communicate those (in addition to supplying my own ideas). The following is work that I designed and presented to Coca-Cola.


“My Favorite Summer” App

Because we needed to align Coca-Cola with the summer season, I designed and prototyped an app to help people associate Coca-Cola with their summer experiences. The basic functionality allows a user to capture a pic or video through the app, add their “story” by typing into a text box that automatically styles and formats the text. The app then then allows the user to output their creation to a postcard, socials, SMS, etc.


“Find a Coke, Find a friend” app

I designed and prototyped another app that gave the user an opportunity to connect with likeminded people in a general area. The basic idea is that when a user buys a coke, they can find a code on the can/bottle, enter the code into the app, fill out some basic personal information regarding hobbies, interests, likes/dislikes, etc. The app would then find other users in the area whose information aligns and connect the users.

At the time, this idea didn’t exist much. But now there are lots of different dating/friend finding apps out there.


“Summer Drivers WAnted” Campaign

When I was a kid, mom would often make Coca-Cola popsicles for us by pouring coke into popsicle molds and freezing them. Such a simple pleasure that always reminds me of summer.

This campaign brings that summer tradition to people that may not have experienced it growing up. We wanted to introduce an ice cream truck that was fully customized and branded and served only Coca-Cola frozen treats. Who doesn’t like a Coca-Cola float?

The truck would appear at outdoor festivals and downtown events. We wanted it to be as impactful and recognizable as the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

This poster design and messaging not only introduces the idea, but also creates seasonal jobs for students.


“Taste the Summer” Campaign

What’s a better way for Coca-Cola to say “summer” than to taste like summer? This campaign idea was led by a website where users could submit new Coca-Cola flavors and then vote on their favorites. The top one or two flavors would then go into production for a limited time. I designed a handful of different flavors and the campaign branding.